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Christopher James Stone

was born on the 16th of June 1953, of Mary and Eddy Stone, in Birmingham, UK.
He had a very happy childhood.
He first became a writer just after his 40th birthday, in September 1993, with a column in the Guardian Weekend called Housing Benefit Hill.
You can access some of his Housing Benefit Hill columns from the portal here
This was followed up by a series of columns called CJ Stone's Britain, which appeared in the Guardian Weekend Travel section between October 1996 and March 1998.
Further columns have appeared in the Big Issue, in the Independent, in Mixmag, in Kindred Spirit, and in Prediction magazine, as well as in the Whitstable Gazette and the Whitstable Times.
He has had seven books published, and continues to write as well as being a part-time postal worker.
He lives in Whitstable in Kent and is currently working on his eighth book.
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